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BSAC Lanzarote is run by Paul and Valerie who are both BSAC instructors who trained and dived in the UK before coming over to Lanzarote for the amazing scuba diving on offer here.

BSAC Lanzarote was formed to offer BSAC divers something different; the club experience with the benefits of being on the “island of eternal spring”.

Lanzarote may not be on your list of top 10 dive destinations but perhaps it should be. Located in the Atlantic Ocean just 80 miles from the north African coast, Lanzarote is the most northern and easterly island of the Canary Islands. Here are our top 5 great reasons why you should make BSAC Lanzarote your next dive destination:

1. All year-round accessible diving in warm, clear waters with visibility up to 50m and a huge variety and abundance of marine life from nudibranchs to giant Atlantic Sting Rays
2. Close to the UK with an approx. flight time of 4 hours and in the same time zone
3. Exclusive discounts and offers for BSAC members and clubs and FREE Nitrox 32% for nitrox certified divers
4. Dive the unique Museo Atlántico – Europe’s first underwater museum – with a multi-award winning EOMA dive centre
5. Dive sites suitable for all diver levels: Ocean Divers to Technical Divers

For the BSAC Technical divers amongst you and those interested in finding out more, here are 3 more fantastic reasons to visit BSAC Lanzarote

1. BSAC Lanzarote is the only BSAC Technical Dive Centre on Lanzarote and in the Canary Islands
2. BSAC Lanzarote supports OC, sidemount and CCR divers
3. BSAC Lanzarote can take you on a technical try dive and train you up to Advanced Mixed Gases on OC or CCR or just take you on some fun technical diving

Scuba Diving In Lanzarote

Diving in Lanzarote is fantastic: enjoy spectacular marine life, experience unique underwater volcanic topography and caverns and you can even explore a wreck or too – and we’re not talking about your dive buddy! Combine that with a little bit of BSAC Lanzarote sparkle and you’ll find yourself enjoying a hot or cold drink and a small cake on us during the surface interval chat & banter that we all enjoy.

BSAC Lanzarote will take you to the best dive sites on the island, which includes some of the best known dive sites such as The Cathedral, The Blue Hole and the Harbour Wrecks along with lesser known dive sites such as Las Coloradas and let’s not forget the unique Museo Atlántico. Seeped in mystery, sub-tropical island culture and meaning, this dive boat excursion is a must for every diver. You can race with the children of Lanzarote, cross the Rubicon, become a hybrid and even see your own reflection underwater.

Lanzarote is home to a diverse range of marine life. The photographers amongst you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing between macro and wide-angle as there really is something for everyone. When it comes to the small and getting up close you can find everyone’s favourite, the colourful nudibranchs, also corals open and feeding, candy striped flat worms and the adorable hermit crabs who flutter their extravagant eyelids at you. There are also the lobsters, shrimps, sea hares and cucumbers, anemones, star fish and everyone’s favourite the sepia or cuttlefish.

There are many different types of fish that make the reefs and wrecks of Lanzarote their home. You’ll spot many different types of bream, such as the saddled seabream and the Moroccan white seabream, some will be in pairs or small groups whilst others shoal together in large groups making their way across the reef. There are also different species of damsel fish, including the Atlantic Damsel fish and the Blue-finned Damsel fish, so called for the striking neon blue stripes on his fins and belly that contrast with his little black body; little they may be but fiercely territorial too, taking on anything, from parrot fish easily 4 times their size to scuba divers! Other fish include the wide-eyed flounders, lizard fish, blennies, mullet, wrasse, combers and groupers, some of which are 2m+ in length.
Other big fish that regularly visit our reefs are barracuda, torpedo rays, spiny butterfly rays, eagle rays and gigantic Atlantic Stingrays. The Amber Jacks, white trevally and yellow finned tuna are an awesome sighting and to experience them hunting or encircling you is exhilarating to say the least!

We are home to endangered species too. Seahorses live and breed in our seagrasses and are a delight to see bobbing around in the open before they head back for cover. Lanzarote is also one of the last strongholds for the critically endangered Angel Shark. They live and breed here and are a magnificent sight to see soaring over the top of you as they drop down the reef wall to the sandy bottom. You may also be lucky enough to see a baby Angel Shark; a master at hiding in the sand and exceptionally adorable!

BSAC Training Courses

BSAC Lanzarote can train you to become an Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and a Dive Leader. You can even complete your Dive Leader training with us full-time over 2-3 months. Perhaps you have a specific dive or two that you would like to achieve whilst out diving with BSAC Lanzarote, then we can compete and sign it off for you.

As a BSAC Club or Instructor, why not bring your buddy Ocean and Sports Divers out here for some of their training giving them experience of diving in different conditions, with amazing marine life whilst you all have lots of fun in a warm, sunny holiday location.

As the only BSAC Technical Dive Centre in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands, we can offer BSAC Sports Divers and above, the full Technical Diver Training Programme from Twinset Diver and Accelerated Decompression Procedures Diver to Sports (50m), Explorer (60m) and Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) on both open circuit (OC) and closed circuit rebreather (CCR); the choice is yours. Not sure if technical diving is for you then why not start with a try dive or two to help make your mind up.

Flights, Accommodation And Lots More

There are daily flights from around the UK to Lanzarote and with a flight time of approx. 4 hours you’re here before you know it. BSAC Lanzarote is based in Puerto del Carmen which is only 12km away – that’s 8 miles to us Brits – and you’ll be unpacking your bags and your dive kit before you know it.

BSAC Lanzarote is based on the main strip in Puerto del Carmen and comes with all the built-in advantages. Plenty of choice of accommodation, supermarkets and small shops as well as being close to many of the top bars, cafes and restaurants. What more could you want after some fun diving.

For more information on Lanzarote, accommodation and BSAC Lanzarote click here to go to our About page or if you’re ready to make BSAC Lanzarote your next dive destination and want to find out more about booking your diving with us click here to email us with the details.