BSAC Advanced Diver Course

BSAC Advanced Diver

Advanced Diver Course

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Do you feel ready to take other divers on their next adventure?

You'll have already been managing dives to known dive sites however if you want the challenge of managing diving activities and expeditions further a field, to somewhere that you've never dived before then the Advanced Diver Course is for you.

Lanzarote is ideal for this as we have plenty of different diving locations to explore accessible from shore and by boat.

bsac advanced diver course at lanzarote dive centre

Who Can Take This Course?

Any BSAC Dive Leader, or equivalent from another diver agency, can enroll on this course and increase their diver skills, knowledge and experience.

Course Requirements

Enrolment requirements and course content

Minimum of 14 years of age to enroll
Minimum of BSAC Dive Leader or equivalent from another recognised diver training agency
4 Theory lessons
1 Theory exam
2 Dry practical sessions
2 Open water training dives

You'll also need to log 20 open water experience dives, which may include your training dives, and 600 minutes of underwater time diving in a range of different conditions, since qualifiying as a Dive Leader. You'll have been Dive Leader on at least 10 of your 20 qualifying dives and Dive Manager on at least 5.
Not got time to complete the whole course and all the qualifying dives then this is not a problem as BSAC Lanzarote can offer different options to suit you. You could cover all the formal course requirements with BSAC Lanzarote or if you are already doing that with your club, then BSAC Lanzarote can help you to attain some of your qualifiying experience dives and achieve your underwater dive time.

What Will I Learn?

Good buoyancy and trim are essential for safe, environmentally friendly, fun diving!

You will learn:

- about issues that affect buoyancy and trim

- the importance of good buoyancy

- weighting, over and under weighting

- how trim affects your diving

- head and body positioning

- equipment considerations

- fresh / salt water differences

You'll practice your new skills to descend, hover, fin horizontally and ascend with feedback and practical advice from your instructor/s.

What Will I Be Able To Do?

You will be able to put the theory into practice to achieve and maintain a horizontal diving position that is relaxed, environmentally friendly and consumes less of your valuable gas.
In time you will become more relaxed, more comfortable and the process will become second nature wherever you choose to dive.
On the second dive your skills will be recorded and you'll be awarded a buoyancy standard of bronze, silver, gold, or black.

What Are The Next Steps?

You could put your new found skills to good use and just do some fun dives, perhaps in different situations, to continue improving and controlling your buoyancy.
On the other hand, you could be eligible to enroll on some of the more specialist SDCs, such as the Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) course.

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