BSAC Advanced Ocean Diver

BSAC Ocean diver

Advanced Ocean Diver Course

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Continue your scuba diving adventures with BSAC Lanzarote by becoming a BSAC Advanced Ocean Diver. This course is perfect for BSAC Ocean Divers wanting to extend their diving to 30m whilst on holiday.

bsac ocean diver course

Who Can Take This Course?

BSAC Ocean Divers can enroll on the Advanced Ocean Diver Course and to qualify to dive to a maximum depth of 30m you must be aged 14 years or over. The modules will also count towards your BSAC Sports Diver qualification.

Your experienced BSAC Instructor will bring the theory modules to life, increase your experience of diving on Nitrox and all whilst having fun on some of the best dive sites in Lanzarote.

Course Requirements

Enrolment requirements and course content

Minimum 14 years old
Must be able to swim 200m
4 Theory Modules
5 Open Water Dives
Learn to use different Nitrox mixes to increase diver safety

What Will I Learn?

You'll learn the knowledge and skills to safely dive deeper on different Nitrox mixes, up to 36%, to a maximum depth of 30m with no decompression. You will complete 4 theory sessions via e-learning and complete 2 open water sessions and 2 depth progression dives, 25m and 30m.

Here in Lanzarote we have dive sites ideal for the depth progession of the course such as the Blue Hole and the Harbour Wrecks. It's an amazing place to continue to learn to dive!

You will learn:

- how to safely dive on different Nitrox mixes up to 36%

- how to safely dive to 30m

- how to navigate underwater both with a compass and using natural navigation techniques

- how to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) and Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB)

- continue to develop your buoyancy control, trim & finning techniques

What Will I be Able to Do?

As a qualified Advanced Ocean Diver you can dive with another Advanced Ocean Diver to 30m, accompanied by a Sports Diver or above. The dives must be to a maximum of 30m with no decompression in conditions you have already experienced. You can still buddy up with an Ocean Diver to dives of 20m max depth.
Your Advanced Ocean Diver qualification is recognised internationally so you can also go exploring different dive locations around the world! Here on Lanzarote you'll be able to dive many of our great dive sites such as Waikiki, Richies Place, the Tuna Wrecks and Punta Tinosa with the chance of encountering giant Atlantic Sting Rays, Angel Sharks and much more!

What Are The Next Steps?

You could choose to go diving and get some more experience or alternatively, you could continue your training. Training options include upgrading to Sports Diver or taking one of the Skill Development Courses (SDC's) such as Twinset Diver!

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