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BSAC's Advanced Twinset Diver is a BSAC diver that has completed both the BSAC Twinset course and the BSAC Accelerated Decompression Procedures course. Book both courses together with BSAC Lanzarote and you'll benefit from a combined course discount as well as more adventurous and exhilarating dives!

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Who Can Take This Course?

This course is for those divers with experience of diving at depths of 30m and who want to further extend the limits of their diving.

You need to be a certified Sports Diver who has completed the 35m depth progression dives and has experience diving to 30-35m. If you qualified as a Sports Diver prior to the inclusion of Nitrox training, then you must complete the Sports Diver Nitrox Workshop or hold the equivalent from another diver training agency.

You need to be able to demonstrate buoyancy to a minimum of gold standard (+0.5m)
You also need to have logged a minimum of 20 dives as a Sport diver demonstrating experience of diving to 30m.

Course Requirements

Enrolment requirements and course content

Minimum 18 years old
Minimum Sports Diver with Nitrox training and experience diving to 30m
Minimum of 20 logged dives since qualifying as a Sports Diver
Minimum gold standard buoyancy
9 Theory Modules
1 Dry tutorial session
1 Dry practical session
1 Confined water session
3 Open water lessons

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to dive a manifolded twinset, including how to set up, configure and store the equipment and the in water skills and drills required to be a safe twin-set diver. You will also learn how to plan and conduct dives with mandatory decompression using different nitrox gases and a stage cylinder to accelerate decompression. You will learn how to beome a BSAC Advanced Twinset Diver.

You will learn:

- twin-set kit configuration
- how to set up a twin-set
- how to respond to kit failure
- shut down drills
- gas isolation
- multi-contingent dive planning including run-time schedules

- diving physics and physiology
- gas planning, selection and considerations
- dive planning and decompression procedures
- how to achieve redundancy
- kit choice and configuration
- self-reliance skills and techniques
- practicalities of diving with a stage cylinder
- regulator exchange

You'll learn through continual assessment. There will be the under pinning theory along with a dive planning session. There will also be a dry practical session before you start putting it all into practice in the water and there'll be plenty of in water time to practice your new skills too.

What Will I Be Able To Do?

Once certified you'll be competent to plan and conduct open circuit twinset dives with mandatory decompression using a back gas of up to 36% nitrox on BSAC tables, or 50% nitrox using a multi-gas mix programmable dive computer, and decompression gases of up to 80% nitrox, to accelerate decompression, within the depth limits of your diver certification level.

As an Advanced Twin-set Diver you can plan and conduct dives to an extended maximum depth as defined by the current maximum air or nitrox depth limit recommended by BSAC, currently 40m, using breathing gases that you are certified to use.

What Are The Next Steps?

Book some tec dives to put into practice your skills and see some of the amazing dive sites and marine life deeper and longer than before.

Further develop your open-circuit mixed gas knowledge and diver skills and on the Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m) course.

Alternatively you could become a Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diver on an AP Diving unit CCR Diver (40m) course.

Not sure that CCR is for you then why not a CCR Try Dive.

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