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BSAC Dive Leader 23 Course

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So, you're a Sports Diver enjoying the challenges and fun of club diving and want to help out more with organizing the diving, then the Dive Leader 23 Course is the next step for you.

You may have enjoyed your Ocean Diver course so much that you want to become an instructor, then this is also the course for you.

You may just want to broaden your own experience, make more challenging dives and be able to safely dive to a maximum depth of 40m with the right training, then the Dive Leader 23 course is also for you.

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Who Can Take This Course?

To be able to enroll on the Dive Leader course you must:
- be a minimum of 14 years old to enrol
- hold the Sports Diver certification or equivalent from another dive agency
- 20 logged dives, signed off, conducted in a range of conditions, post-qualification as a Sports Diver
- help organize club trips and activities

If you are aged between 12 and 14 years old and you are a certified Sports Diver you too can enroll on the course and complete the elements of the course that do not require diving deeper than 20m

Course Information

Course content and qualification requirements

12 Classroom lessons
1 Theory assessment
2 Dry practical lessons
7 Open water lessons
Minimum 60 logged dives upon qualification

What Will I Learn?

One of the core elements is increasing your personal diver skills with a view to making you more skilled and knowledgeable in rescue management, deeper diving and planning & leading dives.

You will learn:

- dive leading to enable you to plan and manage dives for groups of divers

- gas planning and management to safely dive to a maximum depth of 40m, with planned decompression

- navigation techniques

- rescue management skills

- casualty assessment skills

- basic life support skills

- emergency oxygen administration

You will also complete a range of experience dives in different conditions that will enable you to put your knowledge and skills into practice. Assessment is continual throughout the course and there is a theory examination. Following this you will have the chance to complete depth progression dives down to a maximum of 50m.

What Will I Be Able to Do?

As a Dive Leader the opportunities for diving become even more varied and exciting.

You can now buddy up and dive with any grade of diver which opens up a whole array of different diving situations. You can carry out more exciting exploratory dives in a wide range of conditions. You can learn to dive to 50m and take on more adventurous locations and conditions.

You can support Ocean Divers, under the supervision of a Dive Manager, in conditions and locations that are new to the Ocean Diver. You can help other divers to consolidate and improve their diver skills. As an Assistant Instructor you can increase your own Instructor opportunities.

You help to make diving fun for everyone!

What Are the Next Steps?

Your next steps as a Dive Leader are to manage and supervise diving activities at locations known to the club.

You could also train to become an Advanced Diver and explore unknown dive sites or become an Open Water Instructor or even a Mixed Gas Blender.

Alternatively, you could expand your diving into technical open circuit (OC) and become a Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m) or even a closed circuit rebreather CCR Diver 40m APD Inspiration Diver.

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