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About Us

BSAC Lanzarote

BSAC Lanzarote is run by Paul and Valerie who are both BSAC instructors who trained and dived in the UK before coming over to Lanzarote for the amazing all year round scuba diving on offer here. They both enjoy sharing the many underwater wonders to be found in Lanzarote.

As the only BSAC Technical centre in Lanzarote and across the Canary Islands, we offer the full spectrum of BSAC Technical courses and BSAC Rebreather courses along side our usual diving packages. We can support groups of technical divers as well as mixed club groups of sports and technical divers.

BSAC Lanzarote offers everything that all divers need, from dive guides, BSAC courses and individual course modules to tea, coffee and cake between dives and of course lots of diver banter, stories and laughs!

We aim to provide you with the best of club diving right here in Lanzarote!

from the varied and abundant marine life to the MA and the volcanic topography and caverns that can be experienced here. from fishy antics in the shallow of the safety stop to the amazing corals found in the technical diving depths.

The Diving

We usually meet at the dive centre at 08:30 in the morning for 2 dives, usually arriving back at the dive centre around 13:00, just in time to grab lunch. In regards to the dive sites we don't have a set schedule that you have to fit in with, instead we take a more flexible bespoke approach so that the diving is about you and what you and your club / dive buddies would like to experience.

There is a huge variety and abundance of marine life to experience along with interesting underwater volcanic topography and caverns along with the unique Museo Atlantico steeped in culture, marine life and there's even a scuba diving cylinder, if you know where to look!

During the surface interval we provide a selection of refreshments. Hot drinks include black tea, green tea and coffee; cold drinks include bottled mineral water and a choice of fruit juice, all complimented by a Magdalena, that's a small tasty sponge cake to us Brits.
Feel free to bring more of your own as we know some of you enjoy a bite to eat during the interval.

The Team


Valerie is our full time BSAC Open Water Instructor and she can teach all the basic diver grade courses as well as be your dive guide. It is Valerie who will most likely answer your emails, book you in, take your payments and welcome you to the dive centre when you arrive; think of her as your club secretary, and event organiser all rolled into one. It is important to Valerie that you have a great time diving with us, both in and out of the water; all suggestions are welcome.

Valerie is also an award-winning Eco-Dive Guide for the unique Museo Atlantico, Europe's first underwater sculpture museum, and she was the first female Eco-Dive Guide to win the award. She enjoys sharing the meaning behind the exhibits in her briefings and bringing them to life during the dive and afterwards finding out what you thought about them. She'll also take her camera with her to get a shot of you crossing the Rubicon; don't let her forget!


Paul is our full time BSAC Technical Instructor. He has been a technical instructor now for 8 years and technical diver for over 25 years. Paul is able to teach all the basic diver grade courses and many SDCs however he is most passionate about teaching technical diving.

Paul is able to teach all the BSAC Technical courses on both OC (open circuit) and CCR (closed circuit rebreather). Here's just some of the SDCs and Tech courses that he can teach.

Skill Development Courses:
Buoyancy and Trim Workshop
Twinset Diver Course
Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) Course

Open Circuit (OC) Courses:
Sports Mixed Gas Diver (50m)
Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m)
Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m)

Closed Circuit (CCR) Courses:
CCR Diver (40m) - AP Inspiration Evolution / Vision
Sports Mixed Gas CCR Diver 50m
Explorer Mixed Gas Diver 60m

BSAC Courses

We run the full range of BSAC Technical courses and diver grade courses or we can jsut sign off a BSAC training dive or two for you. This could be towards your Dive Leader rating or a depth progession dive. You might like to try tech or CCR diving whilst you're here, then you can book these with us too.

Diving with you BSAC club - We fully support the concept of on-going teaching and instruction and will happily assist your club memebers to achieve their learning goals. We can provide your instructors with the logistics and helpful local knowledge as to where and how you can achieve your training aims and we can even assist you if required.

Technical and CCR Diving

We offer technical and CCR diving packages, courses and rental equipment suitable for all diver levels.

We have a lot of technical diving equipment ready for hire:
- twinsets in 10 litre and 12 litre, manifolded with bands
- dedicated 12 litre sidemount cylinders with left and right valves and bands
- a range of aluminium stage/bailout cylinders with slings, sizes include 5.7 litre, 7 litre and 11 litre
- backplates, harnesses & wings to hire for both back and sidemount diving
- tech fins to hire sizes M-XXL

Specifically, to support our CCR divers we keep the basics in stock.
- 2 litre & 3 litre cylinders
- Sofnalime - grade 797
- M25 to M26 converters

Our Facilities

We have all the basics you need to go diving
- A compressor for those all important air fills; it's a Coltri MCH16 mini silent
- A Nitrox membrane set to 32% to increase our NDLs; it's a Coltri LP450
- Double rinse tank
- 12 litre tanks
- Weights and weight belts

If you prefer, we also have a limited number of 10 and 15 litre cylinders available; please pre-book them to avoid disappointment

We also have a few of the niceties too
- FREE Wi-Fi
- FREE use of a locker for those personal belongings
- Wet and dry racks; you can store you kit with us whilst you're here diving with us
- FREE private access to the beach
- Level access premises with a lift
- Transportation between the dive centre and the dive sites

Also for your comfort we have a couple of outdoor tables and chairs where you can complete your log books and plan your next dives after rinsing and hanging your dive gear to dry.

We have equipment to hire in case you need to travel light - especially when it comes to the heavy tech gear:
- backplates
- tech fins in sizes M-XXL

There is a also small shop with everything from masks & snorkels, spare mouthpieces and straps to other essentials such as lube, 3 & 6mm bungee, single and double bolt snaps and much more.

If you are teaching then you'll have access to our classroom area with tables & chairs, whiteboard & pens, 42" widescreen tv & laptop as well as the kitchenette area with fridge, kettle & microwave.

Lanzarote Dive Centre

BSAC Lanzarote is part of Lanzarote Dive Centre, which is a legal dive centre with all the correct licenses required under Spanish law. This ensures that you are diving with a truly professional, legal dive operation that is recognised and regulated by the numerous authorities here on Lanzarote.
Lanzarote Dive Centre is a member of BUCO, the Professional Association for Diving on Lanzarote; membership is only available to government authorised dive centres.
Lanzarote Dive Centre is a multi-award winning EOMA dive centre. EOMA dive centres are government authorised dive centres entitled to organise dive excursions on the Museo Atlantico, Europe's first underwater museum. Through its affiliation, BSAC Lanzarote can arrange for you to dive the unique Museo Atlantico steeped in Lanzarote culture, art and history.


There is a wide choice of accommodation available near the dive centre from 4 & 5 star hotels to 2 & 3 star apartment hotels. Some are children and family friendly whilst others are adult only, as in no children allowed.
We can assist with accommodation. All you need to do is email us at info@bsaclanzarote.com with the number of nights, number of people and approximate dates and we will get back to you with a price for a self-catering apartment in one of the apartment hotels within 5 mins walk of the dive centre.