BSAC Underwater Photography Workshop

BSAC photography Workshop at Lanzarote Dive Centre

Photography Workshop

200,00 Euros

BSAC's Photography Workshop is aimed at those divers with little or no experience of underwater photography and who are using a compact camera in an underwater housing.

You'll learn how taking photographs underwater is different to on land and the techniques you'll need to use to take great photos. You'll have the chance to take some underwater photos, review them and then jump in for a second dive to have another go! Combine that with the wonderfully clear open water of Lanzarote and the stunning marine life and you'll be amazed at the photography opportunities.

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Who Can Take This Course?

To enroll on this workshop you need to have completed your BSAC Sport Diver course be totally familiar with your kit and ideally have your own underwater digital camera too.

When using a camera you become task loaded and therefore some diving experience is essential and equally as important is the ability to control your buoyancy within 1m of any depth. After all you're taking photos of marine life and don't want to spook it or flatten it.

If you'd like to do a Buoyancy and Trim Workshop first then we can orgainse that for you too when you email us.

Course Requirements

Enrolment requirements and course content

Minimum 12 years old
Minimum Sports Diver
Minimum silver standard buoyancy (within 1m)
5 Theory Modules
2 Dry practical sessions
2 Open water dives

What Will I Learn?

You will learn the basics of underwater photography including the fundamental features of a digital underwater camera, optical considerations and some hints and tips on how to shoot and take underwater photos.

You'll have the opportunity to review your photos after the first dive so that when you hop in for the next one you can try making some changes.

You will learn:


- optics and including refraction, colour and light

- the fundamental features and functions of a digital underwater camera

- underwater camera housings

- shooting techniques

- basic intro to photo editing

You'll learn by putting the theory into practice for yourself. You'll review your first set of photos make suggestions for improvements and then have another go to see the difference. Practice makes perfect and so I'm sure you'll want to book in a few more dives too.

What Will I Be Able To Do?

Once you've completed this workshop you will understand the basics of underwater photography, the factors that affect your photos and downloading and editing your photos and you'll be able to take your camera and do even more photography dives.

What Are The Next Steps?

Book a 6 dive pack and a dive on the Harbour Wrecks and take lots of photographs!

You could learn to become a Closed Circuit Rebreather, CCR, diver and you'll be diving bubblelessly quiet and you'll be surprised how much closer the marine life comes; it's like they're posing to have their photography taken.

Not sure that CCR is for you then why not a CCR Try Dive and we'll take the photos instead.

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