BSAC Lanzarote Diving Prices

BSAC Lanzarote diving prices

Recreational Diving Prices

All prices are in Euros. Course prices include the manual and certification card where applicable.

Dive Prices

All dive prices include hire of a 10 or 12 litre tank and weights. A double dive is 2 dives completed on the same morning.

No of DivesTanks & Weights onlywith Standard Pack Kit Rentalwith Plus Pack Kit Rental
Single Dive40,0050,0055,00
6 Dive Pack180,00240,00270,00
10 Dive Pack275,00375,00425,00

Standard Pack includes: mask & snorkel, fins, boots, wetsuit, BCD and regs.
Plus Pack includes: mask & snorkel, fins, boots, wetsuit, BCD, regs plus a dive computer.

Alternatively, you can hire indivdual items of kit. Click below to drop down our kit hire and supplement prices.

All prices are per dive and are in Euros.

Mask & snorkel4,00Cutting tool5,00
Boots/shoes 3,50SMB3,00
Wetsuit4,00DSMB & Spool6,00
Dive computer6,0012Ltr Twinset7,50
Dive light6,00Pony cylinder3,00
Tech fins4,00DPV/scooters35,00

Nitrox is only available to those Nitrox certified divers who are over 18years of age. If you're not a BSAC Nitrox diver yet, then ask to complete the workshop with us and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of diving on Nitrox.

DescriptionPrice per dive in Euros
Nitrox 32%5,00
15 litre cylinder5,00
Night Dive5,00
Boat Dive - Puerto Del Carmen12,00

Diver liability and medical insurance is mandatory in Spain and the Canary Islands. You may already have insurance through BSAC, if not we can offer you worldwide insurance from 1 day to 1 year. Click below for details.

If your insurance is through BSAC please check that it covers you for the diving you'll be doing and any equipment you plan on using whilst you're here.

We can offer you worldwide diver insurance from 1 day to 1 year with Scuba Medic.

Policy DurationPrice in Euros
1 Day 6,00
1 Week 15,00
1 Month 20,00
1 Year 40,00

BSAC Lanzarote offers a full range of diver grade courses, SDCs and BSAC techincal courses, both OC and CCR, as well as the NEW BSAC Advanced Wreck Course.

BSAC Diver Grade Courses

You can choose to complete individual course modules instead of a whole course. All course prices exclude equipment hire and diver insurance, except for the Ocean Diver Course which includes both.

CoursePrice in Euros
Ocean Diver450,00
Sports Diver460,00
Diver Leader495,00
Advanced DiverPrice on application
Individual Theory module35,00
Individual Instruction dive50,00

BSAC SDCs Skill Development Courses

You can choose from a variety of different SDCs and if you don't see the one you are interested in just email us at

CoursePrice in Euros
Buoyancy and Trim Workshop165,00
Photography Workshop200,00
Nitrox Workshop80,00
Twinset Diver200,00
Accelerated Decompression Procedures300,00
Advanced Twinset Diver450,00
Wreck Diver 290,00
*NEW COURSE* Advanced Wreck Diver300,00/module
Nitrox and Mixed Gas BlenderPrice on application

BSAC Technical Courses

All technical courses exclude gases and equipment hire; the cost of the instructor's gases are to be shared between the student divers.

CoursePrice in Euros
Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m)500,00
Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m)500,00
Combined Sport and Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m)750,00
Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m)Price on application

BSAC Rebreather Courses

All rebreather courses exclude gases, sofnalime and equipment hire; the cost of the instructor's gases and sofnalime are to be shared between the student divers.

CoursePrice in Euros
CCR Diver (40m)800,00
Sport Mixed Gas CCR Diver (50m)600,00
Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Diver (60m)600,00
Combined Sport and Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Diver (60m)850,00
Advanced Mixed Gas CCR Diver (80m)Price on application