BSAC Wreck Diver

BSAC Wreck Diver

Wreck Diver

290,00 Euros

Begin your Wreck Diver journey by enrolling on the 2 day BSAC Wreck Diver course and bring the oceans wrecks to life.

The BSAC Wreck Diver Course stands out from other diver training agencies by being more indepth and introducing more theory and skills. From the start you will learn about line laying and different forms of underwater communication.
Be a better Wreck Diver, be a BSAC Wreck Diver.

bsac wreck diver course

Who Can Take This Course?

This course is for those divers intersted in taking their first wreck diving fin kicks.

You'll need to be able to descend down a shot line or free descend and hold your buoyancy.

Course Requirements

Enrolment requirements and course content

Minimum Sports Diver
3 Theory sessions
2 Dry practical sessions
1 Confined water session
2 Open water dives

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to plan and conduct non-penetration wreck dives with direct access to the surface at all times, within your current diver limits.

You will learn:

- planning considerations for wreck diving

- line laying

- kit choice and configuration

- wreck diving dangers: hazards and how to identify and avoid them

You'll learn through continual assessment. The theory and dry practical sessions will teach the knowledge and skills and give you the chance to practice them on land before kitting up and getting in the water. There will be plenty of in-water time to practice your new skills before you enbark on your open water wreck dives.

What Will I Be Able To Do?

Once certified you'll be competent to plan and conduct non-pentration wreck dives, within the limits of your diver certification level.

As a BSAC Wreck Diver you'll soon be planning and conducting wreck dives with other wreck divers.

What Are The Next Steps?

The *NEW* BSAC Advanced Wreck Driver course might be something to set your sights on.

You'll need to be an Advanced Twin-set Diver first so why not book your ADP and Twinset courses with us too.

Alternatively, learn to become a Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diver on an AP Diving unit on the Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Diver (40m) course and you'll be extending your wreck dive times!

Not sure that CCR is for you then why not a CCR Try Dive.

Wreck Diver Course

Begin your wreck diving journey with BSAC Lanzarote on the Harbour Wrecks.
Combine it with the BSAC Twinset Diver Course and you'll be exploring for longer and be a step closer to becoming a
BSAC Advanced Wreck Diver!