BSAC Sports Mixed Gas CCR Diver

BSAC Lanzarote

Sport Mixed Gas CCR Diver (50m)

600,00 Euros

Take your CCR diving down to the next level and learn to dive to depths of 50m.

Deeper diving opens up more adventurous diving however with this comes increased risk. On your Sports Mixed Gas CCR Diver course you will learn all about the increased risks and how diving on a trimix diluent can help mitigate those risks.

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Who Can Take This Course?

The Sports Mixed Gas CCR course is for competent CCR divers who are looking to take their first steps into using a mixed gas, trimix, diluent.

Course Requirements

Enrolment requirements and course content

Minimum 18 years of age
Minimum BSAC CCR Diver or equivalent from another recognised diver training agency
Minimum of 60 logged CCR dives
5 Theory lessons
Theory assessment
1 Dry practical session
1 Sheltered water session
2 Open water training dives

What Will I Learn?

You will learn to safely plan and conduct CCR dives to a maximum depth of 50m using a minimum of 20 per cent oxygen and a maximum of 30 per cent helium. You will learn the theory behind mixed gas diving, decompression and advanced physiology and understand how the use of a trimix diluent reduces the risks of deeper diving, such as narcosis.

You will learn:

- Theory of mixed gas diving

- Equipment and deceompression systems

- Advanced diving physiology

- Practical diving techinques, including diving with a stage cylinder

- Dive and gas planning, including run times, gas choices, gas loss management

What Will I Be Able To Do?

You will be able to safely plan and conduct CCR dives with mandatory decompression using diluent gas mixes wiht a minimum of 20 per cent oxygen and a maximum of 30 per cent helium to a maximum depth of 50m. You will also be able to rescue another CCR mixed gas diver from depth.

What Are The Next Steps?

You could look to develop your diving further and enroll on the BSAC Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Diver course or why not just do some more fantastic 50m CCR dives with BSAC Lanzarote.

You could develop alternative techincal skills by taking the Nitrox and Mixed Gas Blender courses when you're here too.


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